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More from Frank's attic, one of the most comprehensive collections of early gay journalism.

The Advocate , Volume 1; Issue 1 (1967)
" U.S. Capitol Turns on to Gay Power " (page one)

The historic issue of ONE magazine (October, 1954)  that the U.S. Postal Service seized and deemed too obscene to mail. 
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled otherwise in 1958, in "an astonishing unanimous pro-gay decision" (Planet Out, David Bianco) establishing the right for gay and lesbian publications to be sent through the mail.

Mattachine Review (1958)
" ONE Not Obscene, Says U.S. Supreme Court "  (see above)
(cover and pages 4,5,6)

Cartoon from Issue 1 of The Advocate, (1967)
"Look Out, Straight World, Here I Come!", by S. Winston

Full Page Dance Invitation to "Sept. Affair" Dance
from Issue 1 of The Advocate, (1967)