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Picketing the White House, October 1965

Norton v. Macy Appeal Decision, July 1, 1969:

"But the notion that it could be an appropriate function of the Federal bureaucracy to enforce the majority's conventional codes of conduct in theprivate lives of its employees is at war with the elementary concepts of liberty, privacy, and diversity." -Chief Judge David Bazelon, United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit. (Page 8)

"Can't Fire Deviates, U.S. Told"
Press Clipping, Associated Press, 7/2/69

In reference to the Norton v. Macy appeal decision the previous day.

Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, in the case of Franklin Edward Kameny v. Wilber M. Bruckner, Secretary of the Army, et al.

from the Supreme Court of the United States, October Term 1960

Hearing Transcript from the Department of Defense Investigation of Benning Wentworth, dated August 19, 1969.

from page 34: "A man has the right in this country to be unpopular."

from page 48: "I get the phone calls, the letters, the cries of anguish from people... ”

Assortment of actual pickets used in picketing of The White House; U.S. Civil Service Commission and Independence Hall in Philadelphia , 1965, 1966, 1968.


Photos of pickets in use at the White House, 1965

The Ladder, October 1965:
Cover photos of Kameny's pickets in use picketing the U.S. Civil Service Commission, June 26 and April 31, 1965

Photo Credits: Eva, Kay Tobin

Photo of Dr. Kameny and Barbara Gittings, editor of the pioneering lesbian journal The Ladder.

“Deviate, 31, Confesses In Bid to Retain Job”, Associated Press, 11/25/67.

The “deviate” was Benning Wentworth, represented by Franklin Kameny.

News Release, 10/18/65:
“Homosexuals to Picket White House”
Handout: “Why are Homosexual American Citizens Picketing the White House”
Memorabilia: Program, East Coast Homophile Organization (ECHO), Conference, 1964.

“The Homosexual Citizen”, August, 1966, published by the Mattachine Society of Washington , D.C.

Special Feature: "Are you on file?"

" Kameny for Congress" Brochure:
In 1971, Dr. Kameny became the first openly homosexual candidate for the US Congress when he ran in the District of Columbia's first election for a non-voting delegate to Congress.
Mattachine Review, April 1960
Tenth Anniversary Issue.

Special Feature: "Never Pay Blackmailers!"
"The Undeclared Witch-Hunt”, by Tom Wicker, regarding Benning Wenworth, the Mattachine Society, and Barbara Gittings.